Healing our Land

by following Jesus and
Fulfilling the Great Commission

Our Common Goal

His Light
Into Neighborhoods

A Free online commentary that complements both life-changing books.

  • A behind-the-scenes look at how to bring Jesus' Light into people's hearts in neighborhoods throughout our land.
  • What motivated the author to write each chapter.
  • The THREE STEPS to healing our land.
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    "Reading these books changed my life! I now have a new hope in our country and in the Christian church as a whole. Through all the problems our cities have with violence, drugs, and too many people who disrespect God, I am encouraged and see a way to heal our land. I urge you to read these books." 

Mike Azevedo

"These are valuable tools for churches!"

Arnold Runnells

"All Christian women should read these books."

Christine Runnells

"All Christian men should read these books!"

John Caron

"Life changing!"

"Pastors should read these books."

Pastor Peter Shepherd

A New Dawn in The Great Commission



A detailed examination of evangelism as seen from 40 years "on the road."

  • See how true Christian joy can result from serving in a church that becomes an evangelism organism.
  • Why learning your role in the Great Commission is so important to the effective outreach of your church, and to the Cycle of Joy, Peace, and Love.
  • Courageously becoming a vessel of love whom God works through to glorify our Beloved.
  • Abiding in Christ as you are the light of the world.

Description: How to Fulfill the Great Commission

Written for all Christians: This book is the result of a hands-on study of the Great Commission. Most books on this subject come from a totally different type of research, and are written by TV pastors, mega church pastors, or well known theologians. In contrast, P.C. Johnson was constantly sent by Jesus to work with and monitor churches and evangelistic associations, mostly in New England, over four decades. He experienced church in America from a unique perspective.

The message through this two-volume set was generated by getting involved in various ways in constant church activities and outreach projects, involved in constant research, and involved in hard fought spiritual battles to talk to thousands of concerned Christians and hundreds of pastors to find out what was going on in the least-churched area of the United States as compared to other regions; and to learn how to bring the light of Jesus into neighborhoods everywhere.

The author comes along side and shows you the amazing results of his study through many true stories of being taught by example. These hands-on experiences unfold through the pages and show positive, uplifting ways to serve the Lord in the Great Commission. This book is truly life changing!

The Mystery: Why do some churches continually grow by adding new converts, while others are unable to do so despite their best efforts? The author answers this question and more while explaining how to serve God in your revealed purpose as you learn your role in the Great Commission.

Learn how marriage can become an exciting adventure, how families can enjoy the warmth of Jesus healing presence, how your role fits into God’s plan, how to obtain the Element of Victory, and learn the importance of First Hour prayer.

If you care for more description: Easy-to-understand yet comprehensive, this book explains how to fulfill the Great Commission in detail. It is an informative and effective tool for all believers. The biblically based principles put forth are energizing and unify the church body, and help you see how to reach your highest potential.

This is the true story of a man who was sent by Jesus on a four-decade journey to learn His goals for, and functions of, a healthy community church; one that is stable, enjoyable, and ministers effectively in neighborhoods on a long-term basis. It will help you with your work, walk, and witness as you, an individual believer, fulfill the Great Commission as a member or leader of such a church. It also gives reasons why churches have inner conflict, reasons why churches split, and it shows many positive well-researched and proven principles that bring sustained joy and victory into your church.

It is a fascinating record of life on the road while studying churches—you will be pleasantly surprised. One of the central themes is John 15:5, "I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing." Applying John 15:5 is absolutely essential for success in our Father's work of natural evangelism in Christ. Learn how to tell of the Power of the Cross, how to make disciples, ways to unite Christians into one voice of love, and how to walk in power and peace.


The Christian church led by our King in peaceful continuity, speaking to a lost world as one voice of love.

  • Community churches complementing each other (never competing) bringing Jesus' Light into neighborhoods, overcoming darkness.
  • Learning a deeper trust in God, a better understanding of His will, a more satisfying way to live "in Christ," and a blessed humble path to victory.
  • Churches of different denominations showing the world kindness, "living out" the Bible in harmony.

Description: A New Dawn in the Great Commission

Jesus is forming a powerful workforce. See how and why you and your church can and should join Him, and be part of a healing miracle in our land. This book shows how to achieve your highest potential as our Lord leads and works through you. See compelling examples of ways to serve. Learn solutions to problems that arise for an individual and for a church.

The first book shows the stark contrast between a church that exhibits inward-focused love to one that "lives out" God's Word with outward-focused love. This theme is carried and examined deeply from relational standpoints through this second book.

It helps you understand how to be part of a unified Christian outreach that continually spreads the gospel. You will be surprised with details in the themes of power, hope, fellowship, and victory that can bring you and your loved ones joy.

Uncover hidden places in your heart. First and foremost, your walk with Jesus comes into a new awareness, a longing to serve God through reciprocating love. Start to see joy and peace you never thought possible. Learn how your capacity to trust in Him grows from a desire you had previously thought unattainable. Walk in victory in your abundant life in Christ!

Learn to truly focus on Jesus and His work, move forward and leave fear behind. Let Him lead you to love God, love mankind, and make disciples, as you develop a deeper trust and loyalty. See how His plan for Christian unity will heal our land as you and your church can be vessels of His love and mercy. As a valuable asset in Jesus' workforce, He will partner you with others to reach into your community with the healing peace of Jesus. Once you enjoy the chapters you will know what to do to be part of an awakening, a new dawn in the Great Commission.

Learn how the Element of Victory in church members can be used by Jesus, so the church will grow by His power. See scripture come alive in your life!

Understand how First Hour prayer nurtures your relationship with Him and can bring each family into a new mindset of oneness. Our Lord wants to bless families with closeness, love, peace, joy, and to be connected in Him. Healing our land will also start with First Hour prayer in the home, then flow through our churches, followed by a continual flooding of love into our communities. Be part of worldwide prayer team in Christ—in an outreach centered on the Power of the Cross, which explains the power of His sacrifice, nurtures the peace of Jesus, brings prayer into the hearts of school children, and restores a high and holy concept of Almighty God in our land.

Concert in Prayer

Join our worldwide Concert in Prayer for the Great Commission, a work of Love and Good News. It all starts with heeding His call and First Hour prayer.